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We are currently teaching all our classes on Zoom.  It is easy to use and free for anyone accessing our classes.
There is a morning class every weekday and evening classes Monday-Thursday, taught by four different instructors.  Additionally we have two HIIT classes a week Wednesday and Friday morning for those wanting something more high impact.
We are also recording several classes a week.  These recordings are uploaded to the Member Timetable and are available for 1-2 weeks and accessed through zoom links.
The classes have varied in numbers but there continues to be space for everyone.
It is a great way to start Pilates if you haven't yet done so and if you are new I will send you an instructional video on the Principles of Pilates so you are familiar with the language before your first online class.

Useful pilates equipment to have for the online classes include a band  and hand weights although not essential.  An alternative to hand weights can be a can of soup in each hand.

Please see timetable for more details or ring for information:
£85 for the 13 week block of classes; £6.53 per week for unlimited classes! 
Hard to beat, we just want to keep everyone exercising!

Please call Jenny Dennis for further details.
Tel - 07966017294
Email - jenny@pilatesforposture.com