I love your classes and how you mix it up every week so there's plenty of variety. It's also just the right balance between pushing myself so I can feel the results but not overdoing it so my back hurts! My core is so much stronger and I really feel that I have your classes to thank for it- much appreciated   



'Thanks Jenny, I've really enjoyed your classes and your instruction is always informed, attentive, varied and fun. Keep up the good work and have a lovely summer'. 



'I have found the quality of the classes and instructors to be of a very high standard and having also done Pilates with other providers notice the difference in the quality of teaching and so would definitely recommend it'.



'I really enjoyed Michael’s class and I found him to be an excellent and fun instructor'.



'Jenny is very good both at explaining the exercises and why they are important. I leave feeling well stretched and thoroughly energised! '



'Thanks again for being so supportive in class and giving me personal tweaked Pilates for dodgy shoulders. Very much appreciated'.



'I meant to say some weeks ago how helpful I am finding your classes.  I love the variety of the exercises and your particular attention to making sure that novices like me are doing it correctly.  Whilst I still have a long way to go I am beginning to catch on and I am feeling the benefits.  I have spent most of the weekend assembling a new Omlet Cube for my chickens (worse than IKEA) so lots of bending in tricky positions so I have been trying to engage tummy muscles rather than my back ....  so thank you for your help and encouragement'.