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Make Up Policy

Pilates for Posture is unusual in that we allow/encourage clients to attend make up classes to increase their attendance for the block of Pilates that they have paid for in advance.

Most of the classes are full and therefore spaces for make ups are limited to one per class.

In order for this system to work successfully it is very helpful for clients to inform us when they will be away allowing their space to be available for a make up from another class.

To inform us please text or email that you will not be attending a class.  The sooner this communication is made the better.  There is often someone hoping to do a make up in every class and we don't want to overfill classes, but equally we would love people to attend as many of the sessions as they can.  So contacting us about absence is very helpful. 

All make up classes are to be completed by the end of the block.  We do not allow people to carry makeups over to the next block.

Please if you would like to do a make up class, contact Jenny via email or text and let her know which class you would like to attend.  Jenny will have the availability for the date in which you are interested.