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The Instructors


BSc in Physical Therapy; Ithaca College in NY State 1991, MA in Applied Physiology; Columbia University in NY City 1994, Certified in Pilates; APPI in 2002 

I have enjoyed a fulfilling career as a chartered physiotherapist since 1991 before becoming certified in Pilates in 2002.  Having initially trained in Pilates in 1999 to use it as adjunct to rehabilitation I was able to see the benefits first hand when used with clients suffering from poor balance, chronic pain or decreased stability.   This inspired me to complete my full certification with Australian Pilates Physiotherapy Institute in 2002.   I then began teaching clients of all levels in Battersea where I live with my husband and three children.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to teach Pilates and watch the improvement and enthusiasm of so many clients as they discover Pilates and its many benefits.

Following my certification in 2002 my continuing education has included the following; 

Small equipment training 

The antenatal/postnatal Pilates course

The Pilates and theraband training


My first career was as an early childhood teacher for 7 years in the United States. I loved working with children and besides a passion for tennis, I also enjoyed taking pilates classes.  I moved to London with my husband and two girls in 2006.  I then decided to combine my love of pilates and my teaching background and I became a pilates instructor.  My training took place in 2007 and I then became certified as an instructor in matwork with Body Control Pilates.  I am a member of their Association and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.  I am also fortunate to continue my love of working with children and currently work as an assistant in classes at Belleville Primary School.


I am a movement specialist with an extensive knowledge of the body and mind and experience of teaching Pilates, Yoga and Movement for Actors. I love what I do. I am passionate about teaching people of all ages and abilities about movement and learning the ability to become aware and understand their body and mind through Pilates and Yoga and gaining the wonderful benefits it has on their well being.

I have a BA in Dance and did a one-year foundation course in Dance Movement Therapy which included the body mind practises of Alexandra Technique, Feldenkrais Method and Body Mind Centering.

In 2005, I did my Yoga Teacher Training with Sun Power Yoga accredited by The British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance and I did various yoga intensives with top International yoga teachers to inform my work and be inspired.

This then led me to study Pilates to gain a more anatomical and biomechanical understanding of the body especially of the deep postural muscles.

In 2009, I did my Pilates Teacher Training  with Polestar Pilates UK and some workshops with Body Control Pilates, then later, I did the Polestar Pilates Studio equipment-training course.

At present, I teach Pilates and Yoga full time and work two days a week as an Associate Lecturer teaching body/ mind movement practices to student actors on the BA Acting for Film course at Chichester University.

Therefore, what I bring to you is an amalgamation of my movement experiences, learning and work through Dance, Yoga and Pilates.



Karen trained at Laine Theatre Arts, graduating with a Dance and Teaching diploma. She then spent the following 15 years travelling the world as a professional Dancer. During this time she gained her level 3 Personal Training and Pilates qualifications. She is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. Throughout her dance career she would practice Pilates regularly to keep in shape and injury free. She loves teaching Pilates and passing on her experience to others.


Michael was born in 1983 in Montpellier, south of France; in fact 100 years after Joseph Pilates.

A firm lover of musicals, street dance, contemporary jazz, and ballet, Michael practiced these when he first arrived in London. His interest also includes playing the piano. You can hear him playing now!
Michael is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. He teaches Mat Pilates as well as reformer, aerobics, conditioning and circuit training. 6 years ago, he met a dynamic teacher who gave him a passion for Pilates. Ever since then, his vision of Pilates has been the same. Michael’s style is very dynamic as it brings more fun to the practice and also delivers a strong workout.
By adding core strength, that includes back, abdominal and pelvic muscles, Michael soon realised that he could develop and strengthen muscles without adding bulk. He increased his flexibility and agility, and at the same time toned his stomach and thigh muscles.


BSc Hons Physiotherapy, Cardiff University, 2008-2011

Stephanie is a qualified physiotherapist and trained with APPI to teach Pilates as part of rehabilitation and for promotion of strength, balance, posture and overall body awareness and control.

She has enjoyed teaching Pilates to people of all ages and abilities and incorporates mat work principles into treatment plans for many of her clients. She has had experience of physiotherapy and Pilates working in both the UK and Canada.

She has found the benefit of Pilates personally and thoroughly enjoys teaching others.

She currently teaches the teen class and finds it rewarding to empower the younger generation to understand and develop their core control and posture.