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Antenatal Pilates

We offer Pilates for pregnant women either in a private, semi-private or group lessons.

Exercise in pregnancy is encouraged by all health professionals and Pilates is no exception.  Pilates is beneficial for one's balance and postural awareness which is essential as your body shape changes.   It allows a pregnant individual at least one hour a week to focus on their posture, activating muscles to support the low back and at the same time allowing them to stretch, re-centre and focus on their alignment.

We have successfully had several clients attend our group classes throughout their pregnancy.  The reported results managing labour and recovery from birth have all been positive with many clients giving some credit to their Pilates.  As some individuals have attended Pilates right until the birth others have opted to stop earlier, due to size or fatigue levels.  It is an individual choice and one that only each person can make for herself.

All antenatal clients have a one to one before they join a class, unless they are pre-existing clients.  There are some exercises and positions that are contra-indicated for pregnancy in Pilates.  All our instructors have had training in antenatal and postnatal pilates and will modify any exercises as necessary in the group classes.  If your pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy then private sessions are recommended.